During the 2014-15 academic year, the Museum hosted 7743 vistors, including many community members, pK-12 school groups, 4-H groups, families, and Virginia Tech faculty and students. Twelve different courses in three Colleges used the Museum for academic purposes.

Also during the 2014-15 academic year, the Museum's Programs and Education Resource Center (ERC) served 4375 people, including 1925 K-12 students and 194teachers. There were 70 loans of kits and materials. The ERC has 25+ teaching kits on various geoscience topics available for loan to local educators.

Most programs are free and open to the public, with the suggested audience noted. VT Parking passes are needed during 8-5, M-F, available free at the VT Visitor Center. Lots and garage nearby, though the construction all around makes them hard to find! Handicap spaces are located immediately next to the building on both N and S sides.
No pass needed during off hours.
For more info see other parts of this website, call 540-231-6894, or email vt-mogs@vt.edu.

Fall 2014 VT Museum of Geosciences (MoGs) Public Programs

GeoFair and Mineral Sale
Oct. 4, 2014 Saturday from 10-4pm, 2062 Derring- Museum Public Program (all ages) 
This Geology Club and Museum of Geosciences annual event is part of the VIRGINIA SCIENCE FESTIVAL at VT this year! Family-friendly activities presented by Geoscience students, as well as affordable teaching samples and collector-quality items for sale. VT alum Don Dalton and the Geology Club host a mineral sale to benefit the Museum. There are specimens appropriate for gifts, teachers, kids, and serious collectors. The Museum of Geosciences student volunteers present family friendly activities about Earth Science topics highlighting VT research. These hands-on, kid-friendly Geoscience activities are at stations throughout the Museum, including a Mineral Identification Challenge, gem ID, the OmniGlobe and EmRiver Stream simulator. The Museum also serves as the meeting point for lab visits--including the electron microprobe and the new dinosaur and fossilprep lab!

October 12-18, 2014 Earth Science Week: Earth's Connected Systems
Oct. 12, Sunday- EarthCache Day.
Oct. 13, Monday - Earth Science Literacy Day: follow @hokiesaurus on Twitter.
Oct. 14, Tuesday - No Child Left Inside Day. Go outside and find a rock!
Oct.15, Wednesday - National Fossil Day: come visit the Hokiesaurus.
Oct. 16*, Thursday - The Great ShakeOUT! VA Earthquake Safety Drill 10:16am.
Oct. 17, Friday - Geologic Map Day: see the second floor hallway display showing the geology of some of the famous hiking spots and landmarks around VT.

*Also Oct. 16, 2014, Thursday from 4-5pm, at the Museum, 2062 Derring Hall
Museum Public Program (youth) presented by the SEG-VT student chaper.
Hokiesaurus Presents: Earthquakes! Hands-on activities on where and why earthquakes happen, how geophysicists study earthquakes, and earthquake safety. Also appropriate for pK-12 teachers and other educators who would like to replicate these activities. [3VT, 3 adults, 4 kids]

Good times, bad times, you know I had my share:  
Learning from Earth's past to better understand its future 
Museum Public Lecture (adult)

November 13, 2014, Thursday, 7:00-8:30pm, at Derring Hall 4069 and 2062
Dr. Ben Gill, VT Geosciences   
Dr. Gill studies the geochemistry of rocks and fossils to help understand the environmental and climate conditions in Earth's past. His research concerns reconstructing past environments and ocean chemistry and their relation to the evolution of life on Earth.  Public lecture in 4069 Derring, followed by a hands-on, meet-the-scientists session in the Museum of Geosciences, 2062 Derring.   This event is appropriate for science-interested adults, VT students, and especially K-12 teachers and other educators who would like to gain a better understanding of climate science.  Free parking available in the West Campus Drive lots and Perry St. garage. [22 adults]

Museum Public Workshop (adult): Wire-wrap Jewelry Using Local Minerals
Dec. 3, 2014, Wednesday from 3-5pm - Justin Silfies, RockHoundWraps. Preregistration required, contact llyn@vt.edu. 
Justin has been practicing this ancient form of jewelry-making for several years. He will introduce the process of stone selection, frame creation, and next steps in building a piece. He will provide materials for participants to use. Stones and crystals provided were found in his explorations of the local area, especially the Blue Ridge in Floyd County. You may also bring your own minerals. [17 adults]

Museum Public Seminar and Field Trip (adult) 
Virginia Geology: How the New River Got Across the Appalachians
Dr. Philip Prince, VT Geosciences
December 4, 2014, Thursday, 7-8 pm at the Museum of Geosciences, 2062 Derring Hall. Seminar open to all even if not going on the field trip; field trip participants must attend. Allow extra time for parking, the Derring lot is closed.
Dr. Philip Prince studies the interaction between geologic structure and erosion that continues to shape the Appalachian mountains. He will relate bedrock geology and both long- and short-term erosional processes to the development of the modern-day New River Valley landscape. [38 adults]
Field Trip 
December 6, 2014, Saturday, 9:45-3:30. Meet at Derring Hall 1st floor NW main entrance facing construction site.
Adults only, pre-registration required, $20/person for transportation [waived for VT Geos]. Participants should attend the above pre-trip seminar Thursday evening. 
Please dress for the weather and bring lunch and water. We will go rain or shine, unless the roads are dangerous. Contact llyn@vt.edu to register for the field trip by Dec. 2.
Maps and relevant field notes will be provided to participants. Sample collecting will be possible at a number of field stops. [13 adults]

VT-STEM Stakeholders Meeting.
December 15, 2014, Monday, 8-12, Inn at VT. 
VT-MoGs is a charter member of this Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math coordination effort including school divisions and VT faculty. [7 teachers, 15 VT]

Winter-Spring 2015 Museum of Geosciences Public Programs

International Darwin Day
February 12
Watch web and social media, follow @hokiesaurus!

Kindergarten to College (K2C)
February 27, Friday
5th grade students from across Virginia visit campus and come by the Museum of Geosciences 

19th Annual Geosciences Student Research Symposium (GSRS)
March 5-6, Thursday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

Open House
March 12, Thursday, 3:00-7:00 pm
Teachers, Virginia Master Naturalists, and other educators are invited to stop by and learn more about the collections and hands-on teaching kits available from the Museum of Geosciences. Bring your "unknown" rocks and minerals: we will try to identify them. (Before 5pm, please get parking pass from Visitor Center)(35 participants)

Southeastern Section Geological Society of America in Chattanooga, TN
March 19-21

Cub Scouts Geology Belt Loop Program
March 23, Monday 7:00-8:00
VT Geology Club will lead activities with Cub Scouts

Pre-service Teacher Workshop
March 30, Monday 4:00- 7:00 pm
EDCI 5204 Elementary Curriculum: Hands-on Museum Resources and accessing local informal science education resources. Led by Llyn Sharp. 

March 18, Weds.; March 27, Friday; April 10, Friday

Virginia Geological Research Symposium at VDGMR, Charlottesville.
April 16, 2015, 8-5,

Hokiesaurus Presents: Planetary Adventures Museum Public Program (youth)
April 23, 2015, Thursday, 4:30-5:30 pm
An afterschool program by students of the geoscience honor society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon (SGE). This hands-on program will focus on planets, the moon and a sense of scale! Limited space, preregister with Leigh Shannon leigh7@vt.edu. (8 kids, 6 adults)

College of Science Diversity Breakfast with Dr. Claudia Mora
April 17, 2015, Friday, 8:30 am 
Join us for a conversation with Dr. Mora, a geoscientist with experience in academia as well as the National Labs. She will also be speaking at the Geosciences Spring Banquet, and giving the Geosciences Seminar at 4:00 pm in Derring 4069. (30+ attendees check this)

Family Science Night. Kipps Elementary School
April 30, 2015, Thursday, 5-9 pm. 
VT Geology Club and Dr. Gazel's vulcanology lab will work with the Museum to have a station on VOLCANOES. Lisa and Ty Whalen, John Chermak.

Summer 2015 VT Museum of Geosciences (MoGs) Public Programs

Learning Across Virginia Teacher Workshop
June 3, 2015, Wednesday, 10-11:30 am.
Middle and High School teachers from Southwest Virginia travelling across the state, hosted by the VT Southwest Center. Llyn Sharp shared Geologic Provinces of Virginia and Museum of Geosciences resources. Sarah Mazza presented Volcanic History of Virginia.(30 teachers)

AKA STEM Workshop
June 20, 2015, Saturday, 9:00-10:15 am
Middle School students from across Virginia visit campus to experience science activities and learn more about college life. John Chermak and Maddy Schreiber represented the Museum with a presentation on Geoscience Careers and Energy Resources.

VISTA Teacher Institute for 4-6th grade teachers and students
June 22-July 16, 2015
John Chermak works with this teacher cohort each year. This year's topic is Energy.

Upward Bound
June 29 or 30, 2015 time tba
High School students in an intensive 6 week summer program visit the Museum to learn more about Geoscientists and what they study. They also learn more about Geoscience Careers and academic paths, and the relevance of Geosciences to our society. Michelle Fame presenter.

Science Girls STEM Camp from the Science Museum of Western Virginia (SMWV)
July 1 and 29, 2015.
SMWV educator Hannah Weiss with Elementary campers on special visits to learn more about Geosciences during their STEM exploration. MoGs presenters Sarah Windes and Lisa Whalen.