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Geosciences Curriculum Has Been Revised



The Department of Geosciences has launched six new and revised degree options that lead to careers as diverse as an engineering geologist, hydrologist, or Earth science educator. Whether you are interested in studying dinosaurs, environmental processes, or natural hazards, Geosciences has an option for you.

Should you become a geoscientist? 

See if you are interested in any of the following questions:

  • What forms of life existed on Earth in the past, and where and how did they survive?

  • How and when do earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions occur, and what implications do these events have for society?

  • What contaminants are present in the environment, how do they move and change with time, and what are their impacts to water, soil, and air quality?

  • What is the structure and chemical composition of the Earth and other planets?

  • How can we produce energy and economic resources in ways that are sustainable?

  • How can science and engineering be used to improve how we interact with the natural world?

Also consider:

  • Do you enjoy being outdoors and exploring new places?

  • Do you enjoy working hands-on in a laboratory and learning to use advanced tools?

  • Are you interested in applying remote sensing data to study how our planet changes?

  • Are you interested in big data and learning the methods of data science?

  • Are you interested in training future generations of Earth scientists to tackle problems and questions that are important to society and the planet? 

If you answered YES to at least one, check out more about our program!