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Research, education, and outreach dealing with the nature of the Earth.

Department of Geosciences

Geosciences students and faculty investigate earth processes at scales that range from atomic to planetary. Our undergraduate program offers B.S. degrees with Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geobiology and Paleobiology, Environmental and Engineering Geosciences, and Earth Science Education options and our graduate program offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in one of our many research areas. Our department also operates the Museum of Geosciences, open to the public and located in 2062 Derring Hall. Please click this link to review our Mission Statement.



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Campus Safety and Preparedness: Very useful information for students, faculty, and staff in this message from the Virginia Tech Police Department and the Virginia Tech Office of Emergency Management.

Around the Department

HokieTalks: Tsunamis - Of Sand and Computers

Our own Professor Robert Weiss gives a presentation on Tsunamis.

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Hokiesaurus Presents

See an overview of our Museum of Geosciences' outreach program, Hokiesaurus Presents: Where does your water come from? 

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Senior Seminar Outreach

See the 2021 Senior Seminar Outreach videos on our YouTube channel (VT Geosciences).  Additional Senior Seminar Outreach videos on the geology of the surrounding area are also available here.

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VT Geosciences Chilean Field Work Drone Videos

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PhD student Sebastian Kaempfe at the El Chingue Bluff outcrop (Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation) in southern Chile. This field research is associated with the Chile Slope Systems project directed by faculty member Brian Romans.

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PhD student Sebastian Kaempfe and a field assistant at the Sierra del Toro outcrop (Cretaceous Cerro Toro Formation) in southern Chile. This field research is associated with the Chile Slope Systems project directed by faculty member Brian Romans.

Study Abroad with VT Geosciences

Interested in the Study Abroad Program? Spend a semester studying at the Steger Center for International Scholarship, our beautiful campus in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. The stunning drone videos below are from the 2018 cross-Alps field trip organized by the Center.


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