The Museum of Geosciences is housed in the VT Department of Geosciences and located in 2062 Derring Hall.  Exhibits include the OmniGlobe, gems, minerals, rocks, fossils, and a full-scale cast of an Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton.  The minerals and fossils on display include many specimens from Virginia and famous localities worldwide. The OmniGlobe projects global datasets, such as weather and plate tectonics, on a sphere. It was upgraded in December 2017 so that it is brighter than before.

Public hours are 8-5, M-F during spring and fall academic semesters. Please see the Visiting page for reservations, tour leaders, or more information.


Upcoming Programs: the spring schedule includes youth programs, graduate student communicating science seminars, geosciences coding workshops, public lectures, alumni events, student exhibits, a teacher workshop, volunteer opportunities, and many school group visits.