The Museum of Geosciences is housed in the VT Department of Geosciences and located in 2062 Derring Hall.  Exhibits include the OmniGlobe, gems, minerals, rocks, fossils, and a full-scale cast of an Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton.  The minerals and fossils on display include many specimens from Virginia and famous localities worldwide. The OmniGlobe projects global datasets, such as weather and plate tectonics, on a sphere.

The exhibit room is only 2500 square feet, please limit group size to about 30 and reserve in advance to avoid overcrowding.

For guided group and class visits please contact Sharon Collins at 540- 231-6894. Your visit will be arranged and led by our head interpreter, Sarah Windes, with Geosciences student volunteers.

The Museum has restricted hours during VT breaks:  
During summer 2017 we will be open by arrangement and from 10-2pm on alternate Wednesdays starting May 24.

Upcoming Programs: The 2017 GeoFair and Mineral Sale will be on Saturday Oct. 7

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Dr. Joe Keiper, Director, Virginia Museum of Natural History
Museum Public Lecture
March 23 ,2017, Thursday 7:00-8:30.  Public lecture in 4069 Derring Hall starts at 7. Also join us afterwards for a reception in the Museum of Geosciences, 2062 Derring, for a chance to speak with Dr. Keiper and some of the curators of Virginia Tech's collections.