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Museum of Geosciences

Museum of Geosciences

Omni Globe

The Museum of Geosciences is housed in the VT Department of Geosciences and located in 2062 Derring Hall.  Exhibits include the OmniGlobe, gems, minerals, rocks, fossils. The minerals and fossils on display include many specimens from Virginia and famous localities worldwide. The OmniGlobe can project global datasets, such as weather and plate tectonics, on a sphere.

Museum Parking
No free parking is available at the Museum, as all parking on campus requires a parking fee.
The Museum suggests visitors park at the Perry Street Parking Garage
Visitors can purchase daily parking passes for $6 through the ParkMobile app, online
(, or in person at parking services.
If visitors are only visiting for a couple of hours the hourly parking rate would be the cheapest
Visitors can find more parking information here: (general info) (more about ParkMobile and cost breakdown)
For special events at the Museum, no free parking is available, however, the Museum will
provide parking passes for special events (see our announcements)
Please be aware of current ongoing construction projects across campus and directly outside of
Derring, please plan your visit accordingly.

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