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Get Jumpin'!

"Virginia Tech's rush to the tune of Metallica's Enter Sandman is the best in the nation.
First, it doesn't use a mascot to enhance the entrance.
Second, the crowd lights up on the first note of the song, jump-starting the players before anyone steps foot onto the field.
It's a brilliant entrance that's untouched by any other combination of tradition, mascot, fireworks and/or song selection."

See Metallica sharing their thoughts on VT's use of Enter Sandman here.


2024 Season

Marshall, Sep 7
Rutgers, Sep 21
Boston College, Oct 17
Georgia Tech, Oct 26
Clemson, Nov 9
UVA, Nov 30

2023 Season

Seismogram of 2023 ODU home game  intro
Old Dominion University, Sep 2 (Also note the recorded Magnitude 4.3 earthquake in the British Virgin Islands just before 4AM EDT, after the game)
Purdue, Sep 9 - Two jumps... one when the game was supposed to start at approximately 12:20PM, then another when the thunderstorms let up and the game continued at approximately 6:10PM (crowd diminished due to weather). Also note the two other signatures on Sep 8th at 8:20PM of Magnitude 3.1 to 3.3 earthquakes occurring in the North Pacific Ocean. All times EDT.
Seismogram of 2023 Pitt home game  intro
Pitt, Sep 30
Seismogram of Wake Forest Home Game Entrance
Wake Forest, Oct 14
Seismogram of 2023 Syracuse home game stomp
Syracuse, Oct 26
NC State University logo
NC State, Nov 18
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Click the button below to see Virginia Tech Geosciences' Dr. Martin Chapman explain how the ground underneath Lane Stadium records earthquake level seismic waves during the iconic Enter Sandman entrance.