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Get Jumpin'!

"Virginia Tech's rush to the tune of Metallica's Enter Sandman is the best in the nation.
First, it doesn't use a mascot to enhance the entrance.
Second, the crowd lights up on the first note of the song, jump-starting the players before anyone steps foot onto the field.
It's a brilliant entrance that's untouched by any other combination of tradition, mascot, fireworks and/or song selection."

Boston College, Sep 10 (Also note the recorded Magnitude 7.8 earthquake in New Guinea just a few minutes after the entrance...)
Wofford, Sep 17
WVU, Sep 22 (Also note the recorded Magnitude 4.2 earthquake in Xinjiang, China at approximately 2:30AM - in blue)
Miami, Oct 15
Georgia Tech, Nov 05
UVA, game canceled
Get Jumpin'! Let's Go, Hokies! (Measured live during the video clip below)
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Click the button below to see Virginia Tech Geosciences' Dr. Martin Chapman explain how the ground underneath Lane Stadium records earthquake level seismic waves during the iconic Enter Sandman entrance.