Museum Public Lecture for Earth Science Week
Plate Tectonics in Action:  Breaking up the African Continent!

Dr. D. Sarah Stamps, VT Geosciences

Thursday, October 18, 2018 in Derring Hall
Reception 6:00-7:00 in room 2062
Lecture 7:00-8:00 in room 4069

The African continent is slowly breaking up on its eastern side along the East African Rift System. In millions of years we expect to have a new ocean forming, which is already partly underway in Ethiopia. This talk will address the topics of why and how Africa is breaking up and how geoscientists use technology to study the process.

In advance of the lecture, join us for a reception in the Museum where you can meet the scientists and see some of their geodetic instruments.

Appropriate for VT students, K-12 teachers, Master Naturalists, and community members interested in Earth Sciences.