At approximately 1:30 PM EDT on September 13, 2017, an earthquake occurred just north of the VA-WV border.  The epicenter was located by researchers at The Virginia Tech Seismological Observatory (VTSO) at 37.4869N, 80.7086W, with a depth of approximately 12 km.

The initial VTSO magnitude estimates are 3.7 md (duration magnitude) and 4.0 mbLg.  The duration magnitude scale is intended to match the historic mbLg scale, and the discrepancy between the two estimates indicates to some degree the level of uncertainty in the magnitude estimates for this event.  The extent of initial reports of felt intensity are consistent with an earthquake of roughly this magnitude.

This was the largest earthquake in the Giles County Seismic Zone since November 1969, which was estimated at approximately 4.6 mbLg.