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Julia Cisneros

Assistant Professor of Earth Surface Processes
Headshot of Julia Cisneros
1068 Derring Hall

I am a sedimentologist and geomorphologist who bridges the processes of bedform formation and dynamics across environments and in ancient and inaccessible worlds. To do this, I implement robust bedform analysis techniques to reveal bedform morphology and movement. I use fieldwork, experimental methods, and modeling to investigate modern settings to both understand contemporary landscapes and the records of past environments. The goal of my research centers on identifying and quantifying the links between flow, sediment transport, and bedform morphodynamics. A better understanding of these various interactions will allow us to better leverage records of ancient environments, utilize modern bedforms more effectively to characterize conditions of Earth and planetary systems, and improve how contemporary environments are managed in the face of climate change, for example through flood risk management.

Research areas:
Fluvial and Aeolian Geomorphology
Sediment Transport

PhD, Geology, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, 2021
BS, Geology, Texas A&M University, 2015

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