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Michael F. Hochella, Jr.


Ph.D., Stanford University, 1981

M.S., Virginia Tech, 1977

B.S., Virginia Tech, 1975

  • Elucidating the role that nanoscience and mineral surface geochemistry/biogeochemistry plays in major aspects of the earth sciences, including especially environmental issues and biogeochemical cycling of the elements.
  • Mineral-microbe interactions from both geochemical and biochemical perspectives, applications to nutrients and toxins in the environment and their mobility.

My teaching interests are wide ranging, from Earth systems science and sustainability (geo- and bio-aspects), to introductory, mineralogical, environmental, and resource geology, to advanced graduate level courses in my fields of specialty, including nanoscience and technology, mineral surface geochemistry, mineral-microbe interaction, mineralogy, crystallography, bulk and surface atomic structure analysis, and the theory, design, and use of X-ray, electron, ion, and laser-beam spectroscopic, diffraction, and analytic instrumentation.