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Patricia M. Dove

University Distinguished Professor
  • C.P. Miles Professor of Science
Patricia Dove 4
5109 Derring Hall

The Dove group investigates mineral-solution interactions in systems that contain polysaccharides, proteins, and other macromolecules. Much of their work is focused on the nucleation and growth of mineral phases (oxides and sparingly soluble materials) in biomineralization settings to form the functional structures that we know as skeletons and other organic-mineral composites. Their research has numerous applications to the design and synthesis of crystal-organic composite materials for drug delivery, tissue engineering, pharmaceutical and energy-related industries. 

Dove also has Virginia Tech appointments in the Department of Chemistry (Affiliate) and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (Joint).



Chair of Class I (Mathematical and Physical Sciences), National Academy of Sciences

Past-president and Board of Directors, Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine

Virginia Bar Association, Member of Committee on Special Issues of National and State Importance

Council for Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, Biosciences (CSGB), US Department of Energy



Ph.D., Geochemistry, Princeton University, 1991

M.S., Geochemistry, Virginia Tech, 1984

B.S., Agronomy, Virginia Tech, 1980


Research Interests

Environmental geochemistry


Biomaterials, Biosustainable Materials

Carbonate and silica phases

Thermodynamics and kinetics of mineral-water interactions

Mergelsberg, S., P.M. Dove (2019) Composition Systematics in the Exoskeleton of the American Lobster, Homarus americanus and Implications for Malacostraca.  In Frontiers in Earth Science:  Characterization and interpretation of chemical heterogeneities in biominerals. 7:69, doi:10.3389/feart.2019.00069  Eds. D. Vielzeuf, C. Rollion-Bard, A. Sadekov, A. Perez-Huerta. 

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2022            International Mineralogical Association Medal for Excellence in Mineralogical Research

2017            Thomas Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Natural Science

2014            Dana Medal, Mineralogical Society of America

2014            Hall of Distinction, Virginia Tech College of Science

2013            Governor of Virginia Outstanding Scientist Award

2012            Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

2010            Fellow, Geochemical Society and European Association of Geochemistry

2008            Fellow, American Geophysical Union

2005            DOE Best University Research Award, Analytical & Isotope Geochem. Symposium

2003            Best Poster Award:  American Conference on Crystal Growth

2000            Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America

1999            DOE Best University Research Award, Interfacial Processes Symposium

1998            Best Paper Award, Mineralogical Society of America

1996            F.W. Clarke Medal, Geochemical Society

1995            Amoco CETL Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

1994            AMOCO/Class of 1969, Georgia Tech Teaching Fellow

1991 - 1993   Earth Sciences National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

1991            Carnegie Mellon and Association of Princeton Alumni Award

1989 – 1990  Princeton University Harold W. Dobbs Honorific Graduate Fellowship

1989            Association for Women in Science Predoctoral Award

1989            Eli Lily Women in Science Award

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