Graduate Assistants

  • Katie Krueger (Fall 2018, Spring 2019), Khanh To (Spring 2019)
  • Lisa Whalen (Spring 2018), Sheyla Palomino Ore (Fall 2017)
  • Emma Tulsky (Spring 2017), Mitchell Riegler and Candice Stefanic (Fall 2016),
  • Zhen Guo and Candice Stefanic (Spring 2016), Chris Griffin and Drew Muscente (Fall 2015)

Undergraduate Students

  • Erin Kelly (2017-current) Museum Assistant
  • Gracie Gilbert (2018) Social Media Manager
  • Leigh Shannon (2014-16) Museum Assistant



Gary Glesener, Modeling and Educational Demonstrations Lab (2016-current)
Bill Henika, Virginia Geology expert, Adjunct (2004-current)
Philip Prince, Virginia Division of Geology and Mineral Resources (2017-current)


  • Esteban Gazel, Curator of Igneous Petrology (2015-2017)
  • Philip Prince, Curator of Regional Geology (2015-16)
  • Robert J. Tracy, Director (2009-2019) 
  • Susan C. Eriksson, Director and Curator (1982-2004)
  • Richard K. Bambach, Director (197x-1982), Russell E. Guy, Curator (xx-1981)