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Environmental and Engineering Geosciences Option

What are Environmental and Engineering Geosciences (EEG)?

Geologists in the environmental and engineering sectors are multidisciplinary scientists working at the intersection of natural and built environments.

Environmental geologists prevent and solve problems related to human interaction with the natural environment. 

Engineering geologists apply geologic principles to engineering works. They perform environmental impact analyses, geological hazard assessments, groundwater resources evaluations, and geotechnical site characterization.

The Professional Geologist license ensures that individuals are qualified to make important decisions that affect public health, safety, and welfare. We prepare students to maintain this public trust by preparing them for professional licensure.

What you might like about this option!

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What will you learn?

All of our undergraduate programs provide knowledge of the basics of Geoscience, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Statistics in addition to learning GIS and basic computer programming. Our options require additional courses specific to that topic.

Our EEG Option teaches students about topics that can be applied to the world today including Seismology, Hydrology, Soils, Field Methods, and Environmental geochemistry.

Click here for the Environmental and Engineering Geosciences Option Checksheet.

Careers in EEG

  • Environmental consulting
  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Energy
  • Mine Reclamation
  • Federal, State & Local Regulatory Agencies
  • Government Research
  • Education
  • More

If you have more questions about becoming a geosciences major or the admissions process, please visit our advising page or contact: April Newcomer, Advising & Enrollment Manager, 540-231-8824,

Environmental and Engineering Geosciences

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