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Geobiology and Paleobiology Option

What are Geobiology and Paleobiology (GEOB)?


Paleontology is the study of past life on Earth. There are two main categories of paleontology: Geobiology and Paleobiology.

Geobiology studies the interactions between life and its environment in modern Earth and its ancient past. Geobiologists work in academia, museums, federal agencies, natural resources industry, and environmental consulting companies. 

Paleobiology reconstructs the biology (physiology, biomechanics, growth, diet) and relationships of extinct life. They use anatomy, chemistry, CT data, 3D printing, phylogenetic analyses, embryology, developmental biology, and biomechanics.

What you might like about this option!

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What will you learn?

All of our undergraduate programs provide knowledge of the basics of Geoscience, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Statistics in addition to learning GIS and basic computer programming. Our options require additional courses specific to that topic.

Our GEOB Option teaches students about biology, paleontology, and ecology. Additionally, students will learn field, outreach, and laboratory techniques.

Click here for the Geobiology and Paleobiology Option Checksheet.

Careers in GEOB

  • Environmental Consulting
  • Research Universities
  • National Parks
  • Museums
  • Paleontological Mitigation
  • Science Journalism
  • Medical, Dental, & Veterinary Schools
  • US Geological Survey
  • More

If you have more questions about becoming a geosciences major or the admissions process, please visit our advising page or contact: April Newcomer, Advising & Enrollment Manager, 540-231-8824,