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Geology Option

What is Geology?

Geologists study the composition, structure, and history of the Earth. Rocks, minerals, and fossil remains help geologists to determine the sequence of events in the evolution of Earth. Geology is an interdisciplinary science: geologists apply knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to explain Earth processes and to solve past, current, and future geological problems.

Geologists are broadly trained to critically think about the integration of Earth processes happening today and in the past.

What our students like about this option!

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What will you learn?

All of our undergraduate programs provide knowledge of the basics of Geoscience, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Statistics in addition to learning GIS and basic computer programming. Our options require additional courses specific to that topic.

Our Geology (GEOL) Option covers a vast array of topics that fall under the geosciences umbrella. Students will learn about all aspects of Earth geologic processes that provide a solid base knowledge of how the Earth (and other planets) work.

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Careers in Geology

  • Environmental consulting
  • Energy
  • Mineral resources
  • Geotechnical/Engineering
  • Government Research
  • Education
  • Data Science
  • More

If you have more questions about becoming a geosciences major or the admissions process, please visit our advising page or contact: April Newcomer, Advising & Enrollment Manager, 540-231-8824,