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Geochemistry Option

What is Geochemistry?

Are you interested in:
Protecting and improving water and soil quality?
Understanding the origin and evolution of Earth and other planets?
Identifying new energy and mineral resources?
Conducting fieldwork and making measurements in the laboratory?
Geochemists examine Earth materials and systems to understand and model the distributions and cycling of chemical elements and compounds. Geochemical knowledge, tools, and methods can be applied to a broad range of geosciences questions and environmental problems.

What our students like about this option!

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What will you learn?

All of our undergraduate programs provide knowledge of the basics of Geoscience, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Statistics in addition to learning GIS and basic computer programming. Our options require additional courses specific to that topic

In our Geochemistry (GCHE) Option, students will go deeper into chemistry courses and can focus on a theme: Environmental; Energy, Mining, and Materials; and Chemistry; to guide their education.

Click here for the Geochemistry Option Checksheet.

Careers in Geochemistry

Environmental Consulting
Mining and Extraction
Energy and Mineral Resources
Mine Remediation, Closure, and Water Treatment
Materials Characterization and Testing
Academic and Government Research

If you have more questions about becoming a geosciences major or the admissions process, please visit our advising page or contact:
April Newcomer, Advising & Enrollment Manager